1. Learn to compromise.
2. Acquire and build your
ability to be assertive.
3. Disagree without demonizing.
You are BOTH individuals; you both
have a right to your opinions.
4. Recognize that very often
when you make concessions or
compromises, you are not caving in,
you are staying in.
5. Think compassion not
competition. Chill out. Revisit hot
issues when you’ve cooled off and
can re-open the door of reason.
6. Resist the urge to push each
other’s buttons. You know what I
mean. Button-pushing is a no-win,
inflammatory activity.
7. Retain individuality. The
who-you-are-person-inside is what
your lover fell in love with in the
first place.
8. Self-esteem – build it, feel
it, nurture it.
9. Let love grow. Nurture it and
protect it, because it is precious.
10. Write down your current
mindset of how sex fits into your
11. How does your perception
differ from your partner’s ideas?
12. If you feel guilty about
having sex, examine why you feel
this way. Come up with statements
that counter your guilty thoughts
with a more positive view.
13. Seek a healthy outlook about
your body, your sexual appetite,
and your mental health.
14. Make it your business to learn
how your body functions, and what
makes you feel good.
15. Meet with your trusted
spiritual counselor to gain insight
about how sexual activities are
meant to fit into a healthy
relationship according to your
religious doctrine.
16. Seek counseling from a
professional who specializes in
sexual relationships.
17. If you are in an abusive
relationship, seek immediate help
from authorities. Emergency
resources are available. Muster up
your true survival instincts, and
get the hell out of Dodge!
Love is worth giving and worth
receiving. It’s so important in
your life that you’ll spend a great
deal of time thinking about it,
desiring it and hopefully, living
it. Treat it like your garden and
nurture it every day. Every bit of
energy and positive attention you
devote to your love will pay
dividends; love is the currency the
universe thrives on. Make deposits