Burna Boy Helps Brother Toast Babe on Campus hehe!

When Burna Boy’s little brother
attempted to catch a fine babe on
campus, he was almost disgraced
until big brother came to his
Thankfully, before Jay (Burna Boy’s
little brother) attempted to toast
the babe, he had his Glo Bounce on.
This meant he could call any Glo
line for only 5k/sec when he was on
campus. So when it was looking like
the babe wasn’t giving him face, he
decided to call his famous brother
to put in some good word for him
(video above.)
Get on the new Glo Bounce plan to
enjoy lower rates, as well as free
data and more:
5k/sec to any Glo line when calling
from your campus with Campus Zone
5k/sec to anyone on da Bounce plan
in and outside campus with Peeps
Free 30Mb on every recharge of N200
and above
12K/sec to all networks
Including free Zero Facebook, free
night calls, free callertunez for 1
month and more
Dial *170*4# to get on da Bounce
then dial *170*9# to enjoy Campus
Zone Rate
Not yet with Glo? Just get a SIM or
port today.



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